Find out the worth of your Nantucket Real Estate with a complimentary home valuation service.

Nantucket real estate market conditions change year to year, depending on a variety of factors. Everything from the cost of borrowing money to national and international events can affect home and rental prices. In this rapidly changing environment, home owners may wish to obtain up-to-date and accurate valuations of their properties. This may be due to estate planning, changes in lifestyle, or simply the desire to find a more adequate home for one’s family. Regardless of the reason, we at ACK Distinctive Properties, LLC are here to help. We provide you with a comprehensive, complimentary report for your real estate that includes:

  • varying market conditions;
  • recent and past house sales for your area and price range;
  • environmental changes in Nantucket and their effect on your property value;
  • pre-conditions to maximize the value of your property.

Our comprehensive analysis is provided to you at no cost. While we hope you will consider listing your house with us, should you wish to sell your property, our analysis and report do not bind you to any commitments. We just hope that you will be satisfied with our work, and therefore consider making us your preferred agency.

To sign up, please send us an email and include your name, email address and the address of your property. Our valuation experts will put together market comps and then set up a time to meet at the property that is most convenient for you. Shortly thereafter we will generate a report that summarizes the market comps, comparable market listings and a suggested best price for your property. This suggested best price is time dependent, meaning the best price for your property varies depending on the amount of time you are willing to wait before making a sale. Obviously, any property in Nantucket will sell very quickly if it is priced too low. Similarly, any property that is priced extremely high above market value will not sell promptly. Therefore, we at ACK Distinctive Properties pride ourselves in recommending the right price for your property based on its value, the market and your personal wishes regarding the sales timeline. Our service takes all of these factors into account to offer you a personalized and curated service – backed by hard data, research and years of experience.

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